Mum unexpectedly fell pregnant with triplets despite taking the pill every day

A mum unexpectedly became pregnant with triplets despite routinely taking the pill.

Amy Maxey from Rushden, Northamptonshire, welcomed Ocean, Ivy and Harlow in March last year.

She was shocked to discover she was pregnant, let alone with triplets, especially as she’d been taking the contraceptive pill religiously, but says she wouldn’t change being a single mum to her girls for anything.

The 29-year-old says it can often feel like three against one, but the family are now in a regimented routine which helps to ensure each day runs smoothly.

She added: “Since the day the girls were born, I’ve done everything alone.

“I’m used to it now and we’ve managed to get into a routine that works for us – most of the time!

“When they were first born it was a constant cycle of sorting the bottles, feeding them every two-to-three hours, winding them, before cuddling.

“However, it’s so much harder now they’re 17-months-old because they’re more mobile and constantly on the move.

“I feel more like a cleaner than a mum as I’m constantly tidying and cleaning up after the girls. As soon as I clean, they make another mess or pull everything out again.

“It’s certainly three against one.”

Being a single mum in her twenties has taken its toll on Amy’s social life though as she says it’s pretty much non-existent.

When she does get a night off with the triplets’ dad taking care of them, she’s too exhausted to go out.

Amy said: “When I’ve got the girls, I can’t go out and do much, and then when I don’t have them, I’m so tired and can’t be bothered to.

“I wouldn’t change it for the world though.

“When I discovered I was pregnant, it was a total shock because I was taking the pill every day, and when I found out it was triplets I just could not believe it.

“I think I swore a few times and had to call my best friend because I was so terrified thinking about how I was going to try and provide for three babies.

“I never really had a maternal side, so I didn’t think I wanted kids, which is why it’s so crazy I now have three.

Amy says routine is essential for her as a single mum to triplets: “It keeps the babies settled and helps me get through each day, even though some days I’m counting down the hours until it’s 6:30pm and bedtime.

The girls wake up at 7am each day, they then have their breakfasts before getting out of the house for a walk.

This is followed by naps before lunch, and then an afternoon of playing and before dinner and then getting ready for bed.

Amy said: “I look forward to when the girls go to sleep because I get a few hours of me time. It can be tough trying to give myself to all of them.

“It’s even harder when they’re poorly because they all want me, but I only have two arms and it’s hard to cuddle them all at one.

“Usually one’s got my arm, the other’s resting on my leg and then the third is on my chest.

“However, it’s so rewarding, and I love getting cuddles and kisses from them.

“Although I didn’t expect or plan to be a mum – never mind a single mum to triplets – it’s worked out better than I could have ever expected and I love my life with my daughters.”