Expert Shares Ayurvedic Tips To Manage Menopause Pain

The term menopause refers to the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. In simpler terms, it means the end of one’s reproductive years. Although most women experience menopause between 45 and 55, some face it before or after this age range. During this time, one may experience extreme hormonal changes.

In an Instagram post by an Ayurvedic expert, Dr Nikita Kohli acknowledged how difficult menopause can be for a woman. While doing so, she shared a few suggestions that can pause menopause pain.

  1. She recommended people start consuming Vata-pitta pacifying diet, which means, food that is warm, light, cooked and fresh.
  2. People undergoing menopause should avoid eating food that is dry or cold. Additionally, she also recommended people abstain from eating leftovers, refined sugar and red meats.
  1. If you are someone who is going through ugly menopause, and you are an alcohol or caffeine consumer then it is time for you to stop now.
  2. Some alterations in your lifestyle such as infusing mild-moderate exercises into it are necessary.
  3. Start massaging yourself with warm oil on a regular basis. Also, give yourself nasal medication.

Dr Nitika Kohli claims these tips to be the best for managing menopause. While concluding, she pointed out that even though Ayurveda views menopause as a natural transitional stage, it is essential for people to live a healthy lifestyle. The problems you experience throughout the menopausal transition can be controlled by inculcating healthy Ayurveda practices into your daily routine.