Courteney Cox’s Lunch Salad Is Full of Nutrients; Check Out the Recipe

Celebrities from the entertainment business are often vocal about leading a healthy lifestyle- from yoga, gym exercises to a strict diet routine is what they follow to stay fit. Among the stars, Hollywood actress Courteney Cox, popularly known for her sitcom show Friends, also often shares her fitness regime and diet with her fans. Following the same, Courteney recently shared a healthy food recipe of a salad- loaded with protein and nutrients on her instagram handle.

In the video, Courtney quipped that she doesn’t know how to cook the recipe well but will anyway try. “There is a restaurant in the store called Fred Segal, I order lunch from, which is you can pick three vegetables and a protein, and I have no idea how to make it but I am going wing it.” She named her lunch salad, “One Salad, three vegetable.”

The actress mentioned the ingredients and method in the caption which follows:

Ingredients needed:

Ground chicken
Olive oil
Soy sauce (low sodium)
Chilli flakes
Taco seasoning


1.Pour olive oil and minced garlic into a deep sauté pan.
2.She then mentioned that she would parboil the broccoli. “Because it took forever to get tender in the pan,” she added.
3.When broccoli is close to tender add zucchini and then the mushrooms.
4.Add a little more olive oil if needed and a generous amount of soy sauce and salt to taste. If you like it spicy, add chilli flakes.
5.Take a different pan, add some olive oil and the ground chicken.
6.Add a taco seasoning to taste. Courtney also stated that she added a little soy sauce, salt and pepper to the chicken.
7.Drain the vegetables and add the chicken.